Bobby and Abby
My Nana
My dear Nana and I were very close. She taught me so many things as I was growing up and I so miss her being in my life. She and I used to daydream about the man I would someday marry and I just feel sad that she will never have the opportunity to meet my Bobby.

Nana, I want to dedicate this day to you. I love you dearly and know that you are watching over me.

Love, Abby

My Grandpa Joe
Grandpa Joe, Dad and I used to go camping and fishing all the time when I was a kid. He took such an interest in making sure that I learned how to do things the "right way". "Good things come to those who wait" he used to say, because I always wanted everything to happen right now.

He used to tell me that he was very patient when it came to courting my Grandma Mary. "She wasn't easily caught" he'd say. "I had to apply the same principles to catching her as I do my fish. With the right bait and patience, you can catch the big one."

Well, he was right. I was patient and Abby came into my life. I am so grateful for her. Grandpa Joe, I love you and I dedicate this day to your memory.

Love, Bobby

June 19, 2017