Bobby and Abby
Bride's Proposal Story
At the time, Bobby and I had been dating for four months. He was up visiting me in Boston one weekend in late October and we took a drive out to Marblehead to visit my family. They live on The Neck and Bobby and I love to hang out at the lighthouse. We have a favorite tree and we always sit there to watch the boats go in and out of the harbor. I didn't know this at the time, but Bobby had gotten up early the following morning and asked my Father if he'd like to go to breakfast at The Landing with him. Knowing that I am a late sleeper on weekends, they both knew they would have plenty of time until I would be up. Bobby used the opportunity to ask my Father for his permission to ask me to marry him. My Father adores Bobby so he happily welcomed him into the family.

I woke up around 11:00 and Bobby and my Dad were already back from breakfast so I didn't even know that they had been out at all. Bobby asked if I'd like to take a walk to the lighthouse to watch the boats with him. I said that I'd love to and we headed out. I noticed when we were walking hand in hand that Bobby's hands were really clammy, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. We got to our favorite spot under the tree and Bobby pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses. He then got down on one knee and started reciting a poem he had written me that chronicled our relationship up to this point. My whole face was covered in tears before he even got half way through. The poem ended with the words "...a destiny that has brought me to you. Will you marry me?" At first, I wasn't sure if he really did just ask me to marry him or if it was a metaphor of some sort. Then he just stared at me, waiting for an answer. Then all of a sudden, it hit me that this was really happening and I screamed "yes, I will marry you!"

Groom's Proposal Story
We had been alternating weekends – I would go up to Boston, Abby would come to NYC or we would meet in the middle somewhere. That weekend, I was supposed to go up to Boston and Abby had mentioned that she would really like us to go visit her parents in Marblehead too. Abby and I love Marblehead. Frankly, if I didn't love NYC so much, I'd probably live there. Anyway, we had a favorite spot near the lighthouse that we liked to visit, so I thought that would be the perfect spot to propose.

I wanted it to be very personal, so I wrote Abby a poem about our relationship together. I decided to end it with a proposal and read it to Abby at our favorite spot by the lighthouse.

My drive up to Boston that weekend flew by because I kept running the proposal through my head the whole way up. I had decided to memorize the poem and was terrified that I'd forget it somehow.

I got to Abby's house, we packed her stuff in my SUV and we headed up to Marblehead. Her parents are great so I love visiting them. We settled in, sat out on the porch and talked with them most of the evening. The next morning I got up early. Abby's Dad is always up at the crack of dawn, so I knew I could catch him before Abby got up. I asked him if he would mind joining me at The Landing for breakfast and he gladly accepted.

We got to the restaurant and I wasn't really that nervous because I already knew that he thought I was a good match for his daughter. I waited until we had each had a cup of coffee and most of our breakfast and then I started telling him how much Abby meant to me. When I asked him if I could have his permission to ask her to marry me, he didn't even let me finish before he stood up, gave me a big hug and said "Bobby, welcome to the family."

When we got back to the house, Abby still hadn't woken up yet, so I knew that she wouldn't be onto my plan. When she finally got up around 11:00, I asked her if she'd like to take a walk up to the lighthouse. I knew she loved it there so I was pretty sure she'd agree. The whole walk up I kept reciting the poem in my head and I know Abby must have noticed that I was a bit distant.

We got to our favorite spot and I was really nervous. I wasn't nervous that she wouldn't say, yes. I was just nervous. We sat down, I opened a bottle of wine, paused for a moment and then got down on one knee and began reciting my poem. Abby broke down crying right away, but when I finished the poem, which ended with my asking her to marry me, she didn't react which threw me a bit. I guess she didn't realize what I was doing right away. Anyway, finally she realized that I had just asked her to marry me and fortunately said, "Yes."

June 19, 2017