Bobby and Abby
The Couple

Abby, now 28, was born and raised Boston, MA. She went to school at Emerson College and has been working for Coleman Advertising for 7 years. Although she loves her job and her life in Boston, she is ready for change. Abby has fallen in love with New York almost as much as she has fallen in love with Bobby. It did not take her long to make the decision to move to New York to be near her fiancé.

Abby is planning to continue her career as a copywriter once she and Bobby find a place of their own in New York. Bobby's place on the Upper East Side is not quite large enough for the two of them so they are looking for a new place to call home.

Abby is looking foward to starting a family as soon as possible. And since she is an only child, she's always wanted a large family . Abby says that she has enough love for 10 little ones, but we'll see. Whether you decide to make this into a vacation, or can join us for the weekend or even just the day, we look forward to sharing this special time with you

Abby's parents reside in Marblehead, MA and say that they look forward to seeing many Broadway shows when they visit them.


Bobby, now 32 has lived just about everywhere. He was born in Chicago, IL completed school at UCLA in 1997 and has spent his twenties practically living out of his suitcase moving from one exciting contract job to the next. Now that he's found New York, he feels like he's home. Fortunately, there is plenty of computer programming work for Bobby in NYC so he'll never have to leave.

Bobby's need to travel and get away from the everyday is what brought him to Nantucket one weekend where he and Abby met and it didn't take them long to realize what they had together.

Bobby also loves kids and said that although he can't imagine 10, he can imagine a large family. He's looking forward to showing his son the ropes someday.

June 19, 2017